Honors Awards and Recognitions

RUDY®️ Malaysia is a brand of lifestyle wellness healthcare nutrition supplements products and social new retail ecommerce platform in the new era.
We provide dropshipping agents / dealer system that offer a online business opportunity for everyone.
The company registered name is RICHTITAN SDN BHD (1350354-T). It was established by several shareholders at the beginning.

The founders have relied on the spirit of being able to be outstanding, so ordinary, and built this platform so that everyone can have an opportunity to change their lives without leaving regrets. You can make a better life.

RUDY®️ brand name comes from the following meanings

R = Rich
U = Unique
D = Dream
Y = Young

The founder insists on making only high-quality products, satisfies customers and gains market recognition, and gives strong support to teammates. He continues to make breakthroughs, improvements, and innovations to professionalize, brand and internationalize RUDY®️.

Our goal is to assist more team partners in the near future to achieve freedom of beauty, health, wealth, and happiness in life.

How about you? do you have the same dreams with us? welcome to join our team!